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After A Car Accident – Keep A Diary Of How The Accident Has Affected You

Keep a Diary for Pain and Suffering After a Central Florida Car Accident

Pain and suffering is not something that the insurance company can see and touch. Rather, it is something that needs to be explained to them. For this reason, it helps your case if you can explain to them all of the normal day to day things you used to be able to do and can not do now… or, can not do easily now. That is why we ask our clients to keep a diary of how this injury has affected their activities of daily living. In many instances this will help improve the value of your case and will help us at the negotiating table. This also will show the insurance company that you are not just a file on their desk, or a claim number, rather you are a real person who has gone through a painful experience and you deserve to be compensated fairly.

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Free Initial Case Evaluation for Automobile Accident and Personal Injury Cases in the Orlando, FL area.

At The Jaspon Firm, we never charge for a consultation for personal injury cases. As a matter of fact, we won’t charge you fees or costs unless we get a positive recovery in your case. We take all of our injury cases on a contingency basis. Therefore, it doesn’t cost you anything to hire us unless we are successful in getting a recovery for you in your case.

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