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Summer has arrived and Orlando is known as a major vacation destination and nice weather bringing out the tourists, motorcycle enthusiasts, pedestrians and cyclists. School is out for the summer and children are outside playing. Pedestrians are out and about walking, jogging, exercising and traveling our fine roadways. Local commuters are busy coming and going from work and our fine city is alive with traffic of all types.

We must remember to keep a close eye open for the increased traffic by these travelers. Cyclists, motorcyclists, truck drivers, cars, and SUV’s should heighten the awareness during these summer months.

Orlando is a popular travel destination location for travelers from around the globe, increasing the amount of traffic on our roadways.  People are in unfamiliar rental cars and SUV’s and are trying to enjoy the local attractions. Distracted drivers are everywhere and chances of accidents increase with all the electronic devices that new technology has brought.

Local travelers, business owners moving goods via trucks, motorcyclist and bicyclist need be extra careful and mind the laws and rules of our roadways. Unfortunately, accidents are going to occur, and when they do, you need an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney who understands the local Orlando laws and that can protect your rights. Many times accident victim injuries are severe and can affect many aspects of people’s lives. Loss of wages, expensive hospital stays, and rehabilitation expenses. When you are injured in a car accident, you need skilled accident attorney who know how the legal system works and can fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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