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Car Accident Injuries

Whiplash  | Neck Injury

Neck injuries that occur in car accidents can appear in the form of whiplash and minor neck strain OR more serious complications such as a injured disc or cervical radiculopathy.  According to WebMD, whiplash, which is also called neck sprain or neck strain, is an injury to the neck where the inter vertebral joints; ligaments, discs and cervical muscles and nerve roots are damaged.   The symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, stiffness, headache, shoulder pain, lower back pain, dizziness and numbness in the arm or hands… among other symptoms.   When someone suffers whiplash as result of a car accident, many times the pain doesn’t occur immediately. Natural pain hormones called endorphins may mask the pain for a while.  If you’ve been in accident and suspect whiplash, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible to rule out other more serious injuries.

Head Injury | Traumatic Head Injury / Brain Injury

Head and brain injuries are very common injuries that happen as the result of serious car accidents.  Head injury or brain injury can vary in degrees based on the circumstance of the impact.   However, in  many cases serious brain injury or traumatic brain injury occurs.   This is extremely serious and may lead to permanent impairment to the brain’s function. Typically brain injuries are most common in side impact car accidents and are due to quick acceleration or deceleration of the brain in the skull.   Brain injury diagnosis can be difficult and should be evaluated with a physician specializing in serious brain injuries. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an extremely serious injury that many times occurs during car accidents. A traumatic brain injury occurs when the external force of a car accident traumatizes the brain.  Brain injury may lead to permanent or temporary impairment of the brain’s functions.  Skull fractures, bruises of the brain (hematoma), and nerve damage are often related to such brain injury. Signs of traumatic brain injury can include headaches, seizures, lack of concentration, dizziness, memory loss, anxiety or depression.  Many of these symptoms are similar to whiplash and less severe injuries so its best to seek medical addition immediately for the proper diagnosis.

Back Injury

In whiplash, soft tissue of the neck are damaged. With back injuries, the back nerves, ligaments and muscles can be traumatized leading to pain and inflammation.  Neck, spinal disc, as well as mid-back, lumbar disks in the lower back can all be injured as result of a car accident.  Serious complications can lead to the inability to function normally. Everyday tasks such as walking, running or daily activities can be impacted. Typically, prescribed medications, physical therapy and even surgery are needed to treat back injuries.

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