Car accidents occurred every day and when they do, people are injured and property is damaged. The lawsuits that come following car accidents many times are complicated and can be very difficult and lengthy. Many times you have several different parties involved in the accident and there are many different aspects that need to be sorted out and records to go through. Police reports must be examined. Accident reconstruction many times can help determine fault. Then come the insurance companies, insurance agents, settlement negotiations and the paperwork that is involved in all of that.

Ensuring you have an experienced car accident attorney is key. A skilled and knowledgeable car accident attorney is able to sort out these confusing issues and help protect your rights and fight for you to recover damages.

Even with the best attorney handling your lawsuit it is very important that several key factors are followed. First, telling the truth. Lying does no one any good and can jeopardize your case and even cause you to lose the lawsuit or have it thrown out. Statements regarding the accident or incident should be only given when your attorney is present and should be truthful and honest. It is also important to know that there are many auto accident scams that occur. Innocent auto accident victims many times are victims of auto accident scams where staged auto accidents occur. Be very cautious, but tell the truth, do not lie.

Social media activity is another pitfall that can quickly torpedo an injury claim. Many attorneys may ask you to stop personal social media activity until your lawsuit has ended. It happens time after time, people revealing confidential information regarding their negotiations and details about one’s case. It may simply be smart to refrain from mentioning your lawsuit on social media and not posting any pictures of yourself or of any property involved in the case. Remember your filing a lawsuit and many times pictures or statements online can be taken out of context and cause your case harm. Be smart. Limit social media postings and activity.

Another important fact to know about filing a lawsuit is the time in which must file your case. It’s called Statue of Limitations. This is a set of laws that can prevent you from filing a lawsuit if you don’t file within a certain time frame. The statute of limitations can vary in your state. In Florida, if someone was injured in a crash whether it be the driver, a passenger, motorcyclist, bike bicyclist or pedestrian one must file within 4 years of the date of the accident. Your attorney should be able to advise you as to if you can file a lawsuit.

Having an experienced auto accident attorney is always advised and is one of the best ways to avoid common mistakes that can jeopardize your lawsuit. Engaging an attorney right away is best. Many attorneys will provide free case consultations. An attorney is able to handle filing complex claims which many times can be very overwhelming for accident victims. A skilled attorney knows how to handle lawsuit cases and can get you the compensation you deserve.

Follow these simple hints in conjunction with an experienced auto accident attorney for the best results.

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