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Responsibilities of a Personal Injury Attorney



A personal injury attorney handles a wide range of actions during the course of a personal injury law suit. Below is a broad list of services a personal injury lawyer will provide.

  • Gather pertinent information in regards to the claim, such as police reports, employment records, medical records, eye witness accounts and other information crucial to the case.
  • Investigate the claim. This includes gathering photographs, documents, illustrations, witness statements and physical evidence.
  • Analyze and Investigate insurance coverage to determine  if coverage is available to cover damages and medical expenses.
  • Meet and interview client’s doctors and healthcare providers to get a clear understanding of the client’s condition.
  • Identify and utilize reports from experts pertaining to the case.
  • Identify and analyze legal issues that would affect a client’s case.
  • File forms and follow procedures for filing a personal injury law suit
  • Conduct periodic discussions with the insurance company or companies regarding the case, including negotiations and settlement discussions.
  • Represent client should personal injury case go to trial.
  • Respond to questions and provide information and records requested by the other side
  • Help the client and other witnesses prepare for trial
  • Develop and prepare exhibits for trial
  • Try the case in the best interest of the client

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