The 31st of October (Halloween) is a very busy night of the year. Children are excited as are many adults. With Halloween falling on a Saturday night and weather expected to nice for treat or treating, many people will be out and about. It is important that people pay extra attention during such a busy evening of ghostly activities. The streets will be filled with families walking from house to house and children running around. The excitement and fun of dressing up in costumes, parties and trick or treating can quickly be ruined with an unexpected accident.

Accidents and injuries will occur. Pedestrian accidents are increased on Halloween as well as car accidents. Many accidents are alcohol & drug related.

It’s not just motor vehicle related accidents that occur. Other accidents happen with people dressed up in costumes such as trip hazards on door steps and sidewalks. A host of unforeseen accidents can occur and people are subject to injury. 

When taking children out for trick or treating in the Orlando, Florida area, be mindful of the different hazards.

  • Have children walk not run from place to place.
  • Avoid masks that reduce visibility.
  • Carry flash lights or have children wear reflective clothing.
  • Avoid heavily traveled roadways and stay on sidewalks.
  • Don’t allow children to trick or treat alone. Go in groups with adult supervision.
  • Inspect all candy that children receive and never consume anything that has been opened.

Be safe and avoid injury during this spooky night!