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Negligent Trucking Companies / Truck Accidents

When it comes to truck accidents, the truck drivers may be the ones behind the wheel at the time of the accident. But, trucking companies are ultimately responsible for their drivers, trucks, and Orlando Truck Accident Attorneytrailers. It is the motor carrier / or commercial trucking company who is responsible for developing and providing safety procedures and policies to make sure that all its drivers are properly trained and able to operate the trucks they are driving. Just having a commercial driver’s license doesn’t mean that the driver is competent and properly trained to safely operate an 18-wheeler big rig truck.

Truck Driver Fatigued Causes Accidents

Fatigue is a common causes of truck accidents. There are regulations that have been setup to safeguard against fatigued drivers. Many times drivers are pushed to go further and fatigue sets in and can cause a devastating truck accident.

Negligent Truck Maintenance Causes Truck Accidents

Truck maintenance and service is another common cause for trucking accidents. It is the trucking companies and carriers responsibility to ensure they have safe vehicles on the roadways. Even the best truck drivers are put at risk as well as all the other vehicles on the roads and highways if trucking companies fail to properly maintain, not only the trucks, but the trailers as well. Brakes, tires, and other systems on semi-tractor trailers must be carefully inspected and maintained to ensure a high level of safety. Trucking companies who fail to follow federal regulations are breaking the law. Not doing so is simply negligence on the part of the trucking companies and carriers.


Background checks of truck drivers is important but many times overlooked or not performed properly by trucking companies. A background check or investigation can help trucking companies know whether a drivers has been involved in previous accidents, any and all traffic violations, or other illegal activity. By not performing quality background checks, trucking companies put truck drivers behind the wheel many times with unknown credentials and bad track records.


Truck Accident Attorney

If you or a family member has been a victim of a truck accident and has sustained injuries, you need to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer. Look for an Orlando attorney who has is experienced in handling truck accident cases in the state of Florida. You need a truck accident attorney who has a proven record and is able to aggressively go after trucking companies for the compensation you deserve. Trucking companies and carriers have attorney under retainer. You need a skilled attorney that knows the laws in Florida and can protect your rights.

Contact our office at The Jaspon Firm to speak with our experienced truck accident attorney. We provide no obligation consultations and can start helping you and your family immediately.