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Welcome to the Jaspon Firm.  I am personal injury attorney, Jeremiah Jaspon and I founded this law firm because I always believe in standing up for what’s right. My entire career, I have stood up to bullies of all shapes and sizes for my clients including the corporate giants and government bullies. I take pride in the fact that my clients call me in their darkest hour after they or their family have been injured or worse, killed in an accident. My goal, as your personal injury attorney, is to always exceed your expectations and help you and your family during your time of need.





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Orlando personal injury attorney representing injury cases throughout Florida

We stand up for what’s right!

Are you looking for an aggressive and passionate Orlando personal injury lawyer?  Orlando car accident and personal injury attorney, Jeremiah Jaspon cares about his clients and always stands up for what’s right.  He will listen to your unique case details and give you his educated and experienced advice on how to recover the most money possible for your injury.   We have recovered millions in settlements and law suit successes.  We have the experience, knowledge and legal strategies to get the most for your case.

When you call our office, you will speak directly with Mr. Jaspon.   If he’s not available immediately, he will call you back in a timely manner.  We understand that your case is important and we want to help you understand your options and recommend the best course of action. Give us a call to get started! 

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Call Us.   Free Consultation.  No Fees Until We Win Your Case

If you think you have a personal injury  or car accident injury case and want to discuss it further with a personal injury lawyer, I would be happy to speak with you.  If I’m available, we can speak right away… and if not, I’ll return your call as soon as I’m available.  I personally review each case myself. With The Jaspon Firm, you aren’t handed off to a case manager.   After our discussion, if we feel you have a case, I will thoroughly investigate every aspect of the case to determine the best approach and legal strategy.    I promise to always do everything I can to explain my recommended legal strategy for handling your case in a simple and straightforward manner, enabling you to make the most informed decisions as we move through the stages of your case.

There is no obligation.  There is no fee to discuss your case.  And if we move forward, you will pay no fees until we win your case.  Call me today.

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The Jaspon Firm has worked with car accident injury cases in the Orlando area for years and we have the experience necessary to help you recover the damages that you are legally owed. Attorney, Jeremiah Jaspon has dedicated the practice to helping victims of automobile accidents recover damages for the exorbitant medical bills and property damage bills that often follow a terrible crash. As an injured party, not only are you facing certain economic losses, there are non-financial losses that affect all victims of car accidents and motor vehicle accidents, as well. Pain, suffering, emotional trauma – these are all losses for which we can help get you monetary compensation. The Jaspon Firm has helped car accident victims in the Orlando area for years and we have the experience necessary to help you recover the damages that you are legally owed.

Car Accidents

injured in a car accident?   Seek medical attention immediately and then contact an Orlando car accident attorney to discuss your case before speaking with insurance adjustors.  The actions you take in the early stages will impact the outcome of your case. Talk to an experience car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Truck Accidents

If you are injured in an accident in Florida involving a semi-truck, 18 wheeler or large commercial truck, contact us immediately.   In order the get the best compensation for your accident injuries, it’s important to discuss your incident with an experienced truck accident injury lawyer.

Motorcyle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often cause catastrophic injuries or result in fatalities.  If you are a loved one has been injured or has died in a motorcycle accident where another party is responsible, contact our firm right away.  We are experienced in dealing with motorcycle accidents  and the steps you take early on can determine the outcome of your case.

Importance of Contacting an Orlando Car Accident Attorney Right Away

When an auto accident occurs, it is very important to contact a personal injury lawyer right away. We provide free, no obligation consultations so it costs you nothing to speak with us. In the past, we have had clients that delayed contacting us because they thought their injuries were not severe enough. At The Jaspon Firm, we deal with automobile accident injury cases every day. We understand what is involved legally. You need an experienced personal injury attorney  in Florida guiding you through the entire process of your claim and recovery. We advise you with dealing with insurance companies, medical providers, and even your employer if need be. If you are injured in a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident, it is very important that you seek medical attention right away.  Also, it is key that you keep all your medical appointments and that there are no gaps in medical treatments in order to recover the full amount possible for your injuries and losses in a personal injury lawsuit. Be smart and educate yourself on the process.  The Jaspon Firm fights tirelessly for our clients. We stand up for what’s right!


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Justice for Families Who Have Lost a Loved One

When a family loses a loved one in a fatal automobile accident, there are often many questions.  What happened?  Who is responsible? As a personal injury attorney, I hold negligent parties accountable and seek justice on behalf of the victim’s family members. In the case of vehicle accidents, we work closely with law enforcement and investigators to determine the cause of the accident and identify all liable parties. Jeremiah Jaspon is an experienced Orlando wrongful death attorney who is passionate about the legal service he provides his clients. Everyone on our team is sympathetic to your situation and truly cares about your loss. The fact that you are visiting our website is a good first step and we understand that you will have many different questions regarding your possible wrongful death lawsuit. We are here to help and support you.

Jeremiah Jaspon will fight tirelessly for you and your family!

The loss of a loved one due to a wrongful death incident is a painful life-altering event. No one or any family is ever prepared for such a tragic loss.  Jeremiah Jaspon has experience dealing with wrongful death cases in Florida and he knows that not only do families have to deal with the pain and suffering of the results of the crash, but they also have to deal with insurance companies who add insult to injury by giving insulting low ball offers.  The fact that these insurance companies place so little value on the lives of the injured and the lives of the deceased is almost criminal.  It is also often an eye-opening experience for families who assumed insurance companies act in good faith. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

Justice for Families in Wrongful Death Cases

At The Jaspon Firm, we realize that you are visiting our website because you have lost a loved one or family member in an accident.  Jeremiah Jaspon is an experienced Orlando wrongful death attorney that is passionate about the legal services he provides his clients. He is sympathetic to your situation and truly cares about your loss. The fact that you are visiting The Jaspon Firm website is a good first step and we understand that you will have many different questions regarding your possible wrongful death case. Mr. Jaspon and his support staff are here to help and support you. Many times a spouse, parent, sibling, or relative of a loved one victimized by a devastating accident will ask questions about why the accident occurred and are now concerned and worried about how mounting bills and expenses are going to be addressed. Some typical questions that are asked are:

  • Why wasn’t something done to prevent my family members death?
  • Bills are stacking up, how will we pay all the medical bills and the cost of the funeral?
  • Now that our loved one is gone, how will our family manage our living expenses with the lost income that was provided by the deceased family member?
  • Is there some way to make sure this type of accident never happens to another person?
  • Who can sue for wrongful death damages in Florida?
  • How long will a wrongful death lawsuit case take?
  • How much will we get from the wrongful death case?

The Jaspon Firm is prepared to help answer these questions and committed to pursing justice in wrongful death cases.


Free, No Obligation Wrongful Death Case Reviews

Jeremiah Jaspon, a skilled wrongful death attorney is more than happy to speak with you regarding your case. He will provide you with an honest assessment of the weaknesses and strengths of your particular case. Each case is different and he has the experience to focus on each unique situation to ensure that nothing is missed and that every aspect of each case is examined. Jeremiah Jaspon gives each case the same amount of attention, he will help you understand the entire process and provide real strategic planning for your case. Jeremiah Jaspon will prepare your case carefully examining all aspects of Florida law that may or may not affect the case. Our legal team will perform extensive research on your case and leave no stone unturned. Our firm has an open channel of communication with our clients and will explain every question you may have during all the different phases of each case. The legal team at The Jaspon Firm are here to help you and your family and will fight tirelessly for your family to get the compensation you deserve!

(888) WE.STAND * (407) 513-9515

Personal injury law firm helping those injured in automobile accidents and slip and fall accidents.

In addition to car accident injuries and wrongful death cases, the experienced legal team at The Jaspon Firm help victims of other personal injury cases such as slip and falls and premises liability lawsuits. 

The Jaspon Firm is different from other personal injury law firms.  We are an intimate firm. If you are injured and need to speak with an attorney, Jeremiah Jaspon will be there for you. Jeremiah Jaspon will take your call or return a call to you as soon as possible. You deal directly with Jeremiah Jaspon for legal assistance regarding your injuries and case. When you need help, we will be there to answer your questions. You will always know the status of your case when you work with us. Other personal injury lawyers might shuffle you around from associate to associate – this will never be the case with the Jaspon Firm. We are dedicated to providing our clients with respectful and courteous service throughout all of our dealings together. We feel that you deserve nothing less than the best possible legal advice and representation.

An Orlando Personal Injury Attorney That is Always Available for You

We provide free case consultations and can start helping right away. If you were injured and are not sure if you have a case, we encourage you to call to speak with us. It costs you nothing and if you do have a case you’ll be glad you did! Experience matters when choosing a personal injury lawyer!  When another person has been negligent, their behavior results in you or a loved one being seriously injured. The legal team at The Jaspon Firm have worked with personal injury cases for years. We have the experience necessary to help you recover the damages that you are legally owed. Pain, suffering, emotional trauma – these are all losses that we help get you monetary compensation for. With the help of The Jaspon Firm, you can take the legal steps to recover compensation for your non-economic losses as well.

(888) WE.STAND * (407) 513-9515

News, Articles & Information

Important Information About Florida Car Accident Cases

Important Information About Florida Car Accident Cases

In the state of Florida, car accidents happen every day. As a result, people are injured and property is damaged. It is only a matter of time before you or someone close to you is involved in an auto accident of some type. It is very important that you fully...

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Personalized legal advice and service

Hiring the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Orlando, Florida

It’s only natural to want to hire the best Orlando personal injury or car accident attorney in the state.  But the truth is no website, database or search engine can ever tell you if one attorney is better than the next. Instead, you need to look at the credentials and accolades and evaluate a lawyer based on his or her own track record and contribution to the community.

Jeremiah Jaspon has obtained millions for his clients.  He is aggressive in fighting for his clients and standing up for what’s right.   As your attorney, he will leave no stone unturned in his pursuit to get you the best compensation for our injuries.

Jeremiah is also active in his community.


  • He is President of the Central Florida Trial Lawyers Association
  • He serves as a political analyst on local news stations.
  • He is a prior Chairman of the Democratic Party for Seminole County
  • He is a prior Chairman of the Democratic Party for Orange County.
  • He is a prior Chair of a Florida Bar Grievance Committee.
  • He is a member of the Florida Justice Association.
  • He is a former member of the Apopka Planning Commission.
  • He coaches his son’s Little League baseball team.
    He is on the board of his Homeowners Association.

Jeremiah Jaspon’s commitment to his family and to his Orlando community is a testament to his character and dedication.   The Jaspon Firm is five-star rated organization on Google and Facebook.  This rating is a first-hand validation directly from previous clients happy with the results and experience with Jeremiah and his legal team.

The best way to determine if you have a case for your car accident or personal injury case is to reach out and speak with Jeremiah.  Contact him today to discuss your situation. He will review your case and provide you with an honest and realistic recommendation on how to proceed. 

Would highly recommend to anyone who has ever suffered an auto accident over any of those BIG Law Firms that are not able to demonstrate that level of exemplary customer service…  — P.A.

Best law firm hands down! They are very patient and really have the best interest for their clients. Would highly recommend. — Vanessa C.

My son was in a bad car accident and the Jaspon team was wonderful with him. I live out of state, but I left him in good hands with Jeremiah Japson and staff. They are very professional and good at what they do!! — Stephanie C.

I can honestly say it was a beyond amazing experience with these people everyone at the Japan firm try’s their best to make sure they’re client is getting the right proper treatment and work so much with you honestly the best firm out there no doubt about it.– Christian A.

Great Firm! The staff is not only professional, well informed and prompt, but they are considerate and friendly. Questions are answered quickly and accurately every time. Thank you for being my advocate!– Carol C.

Jeremiah Jaspon and his firm are the best! I highly recommend this law firm. They are wonderful and did a great job for me in dealing with my car accident related case. From the beginning I was impressed. I am very happy with my outcome and will recommend to friends.– Kayla

Experience matters when hiring a car accident or personal injury attorney

The Jaspon Firm is different from other personal injury and auto accident firms. We will always return your calls and emails, and we will always be available to talk to you and answer your questions. We are an intimate firm and you will be able to have an actual conversation with the attorney who is working with you. When you need help, we will be there to answer your questions. You will always know the status of your case when you work with us. Other personal injury lawyers might shuffle you around from associate to associate – this will never be the case when you work with one of our personal injury lawyers. We are dedicated to providing our clients with respectful and courteous service throughout all of our dealings together. We feel that you deserve nothing less than the best possible legal advice and representation.

If you have been injured in an accident, you need to be sure that you can count on your accident attorney to provide you with the necessary legal assistance and representation.

We are fully prepared to uphold your high standards of the legal field by giving you unparalleled service and dedication to your case. We understand that it is difficult to suffer a serious injury – that is why we have dedicated our practice to helping individuals just like you.

The main advantage of working with one of our skilled Orlando injury team is that every single member of our legal staff is absolutely dedicated to protecting you and standing up for you. We know how stressful and traumatizing it is to be hurt in a car accident. We know that you are possibly going through unimaginable pain and suffering – and that is why we are so committed to you and your cause.

Why Choose The Jaspon Firm to Represent You

Injuries happen and when they do you need to have a lawyer that will have your best interests in mind and recover the maximum amount allowed by law. No one ever expects to be injured, but countless injuries occur every day. If you are injured, you need to find the best personal injury lawyer to help with your situation. In the Orlando, Florida area, there are many law firms to choose from.


Why should you choose The Jaspon Firm? Well we are a smaller law firm and we treat all our clients as important individuals. Our caseloads are lower, so we can spend the time it takes to prepare your case properly. When you call our office to speak to a lawyer, you can speak directly with Jeremiah Jaspon about your legal issues and he will answer all your questions clearly, so you fully understand everything. We make the time for our clients and have the track record of success to show it. Occasionally, especially on weekends, there may be a day or two before we can speak.  If that’s the case, make sure you seek immediate medical treatment and refrain from talking to any insurance company,  and do not post anything on social media.

The main advantage of working with The Jaspon Firm is that every single member of our legal staff is absolutely dedicated to protecting you and standing up for you. We know how stressful and traumatizing it is to be injured. We know that you are possibly going through unimaginable pain and suffering – and that is why we are so committed to you and your case.

Information About Car Accident Injury Cases

In Orlando, Florida, car accidents occur every day. People are injured and property is damaged. No one ever really plans for when it happens, but the injuries are real and the damage to property can be expensive.

How Your Actions After Any Auto Accident Can Greatly Affect Your Personal Injury Case Value

Your medical records over the days, weeks, months or even years following an accident  are important  evidence in your accident case. In many cases, the medical records are the bulk of the evidence and the value of your case is impacted by them. These records can vary to a large degree based on how you interact and communicate with your doctors and medical care providers. For that reason, you need an experienced personal injury attorney who knows the ins and outs of how to best deal with these situations and who can explain what happens during the process.  Jeremiah Jaspon has worked on hundreds of cases and can advise you on your unique case.


Here are some important facts to know about car accident cases.

  1. Legal Representation – Hiring an experienced auto accident attorney is usually advised in auto accident injury cases. Having an experienced legal professional on your side ensures that your rights are protected. Many lawyers in Florida will work with you on fees and many times won’t charge you unless they recover damages for your injuries. Attempting to represent yourself in an auto accident injury case is not advised. You need someone familiar with the laws to protect you.
  2. In Florida, it is law that everyone driving must have auto insurance. It is a state law.
  3. Florida is a no-fault state. This means that an injured person’s own insurance will provide coverage for medical expenses and lost income no matter who was at fault in the accident.
  4. Insurance and lawsuits – If a person was not purposely behaving recklessly such as driving while drunk in most cases an insurance company will be legally required to pay legal expenses only up to the liability limits laid out in that person’s auto insurance policy.
  5. Lawsuits – If someone has been deemed negligent, that person or party is responsible for damages that others may have suffered because of the negligence. Reckless driving, if proven by the legal system, may hold a person legally accountable and that person may be required to pay punitive damages.
  6. Statute of limitations – People have a limited time in which someone can sue for injuries. Under Florida’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases, parties have four(4) years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit.
  7. Who is legally responsible? In some cases, several people or parties may be held legally responsible for an auto accident. Most of the time, the person being sued is the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident. In other cases, the owner of a commercial vehicle may be responsible. It can be very complicated and guidance from a legal professional is advised.
  8. Prove your case – It is important that the victim in an automobile accident prove that the defendant or defendants were reckless in their responsibilities. A skilled Florida automobile accident lawyer  should have experience in proving negligence.

What To Do After A Car Accident in Central Florida

Immediately after a car accident it is important to do the following:

  • Seek medical treatment.
  • If you are able and it is safe to do so, take photos of the accident scene and vehicles involved. Also, gather any contact information from witnesses, including names, email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Seek legal counsel as soon as possible.
  • Do not speak to the insurance companies.  
  • Do not share any photos, details or comments of your injury or accident on social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Begin consistent treatment with a health care provider to help alleviate your pain.
  • If you have to miss work, make sure to get a doctor’s note.
  • Keep track of all of your mileage to and from your doctors office.
  • Don’t miss any scheduled appointments with your physicians.
  • Keep a diary of how this accident/Injury has affected your activities of daily living.
  • Keep all of your paperwork.
  • If you receive a subpoena to testify against the person who hit you for their traffic ticket, make sure to tell your attorney. Your attorney can go with you to court and may be able to get information during the hearing that could prove to be useful for the case down the line.

Should I Speak to the Insurance Company After a Florida Car Accident?

First, and foremost, you should seek medical attention.   Afterwards, do not talk to any insurance adjusters until you’ve had the opportunity to discuss the incident with an experienced car accident attorney.   Speaking with the insurance adjuster could seriously impact your injury case and the compensation you are able to secure. It could also make it much more difficult for your attorney to get the best compensation for any injuries resulting from the accident.

An insurance company may offer to pay your immediate medical bills, which can be tempting. But they often don’t take into consideration other aspects such as lost wages, future medical costs, pain and suffering and other expenses that may not be as apparent.   These insurance adjusters are very cunning and seem very cordial and friendly.   They may seem to have genuine concern for your well-being.  Unfortunately, not all of them are trustworthy.  They are compensated by getting you to settle for less.  So they are trained to ask leading questions designed to get you to give us information that will help their own case for not paying and they can take your honest answers and twist them to the insurance company’s benefit.

Sometimes, the adjusters can be very aggressive in their questioning and may call you relentlessly.  It’s ok not to answer and it’s ok to tell them you are not up to a discussion at the moment. It’s alright not to return their calls.  You may, however, be required to talk to your own insurance companies adjusters. However, you have time and we recommend you only do so after you’ve sought expert legal advise for your accident injury case.  An experienced Orlando personal injury lawyer can help you deal with the insurance companies.  If you must talk to an insurance company, make sure it’s your own, do not discuss the accident with the at-fault party’s insurance company before contacting a personal injury lawyer.

As far as deadlines and statue of limitations, in the state of Florida, you have 14 days to seek medical attention under PIP coverage. Beyond that 14 days, you can still seek medical attention under a different coverage option.  Automobile accident lawsuits must be filed within four years of the accident.   Be aware that some insurance companies may try to tell you different.

By discussing your personal injury or car accident case with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, as soon as possible after being injured in an accident, you can secure your case.  The guidance of an attorney can help you preserve evidence and obtain the appropriate medical information and assistance, ensuring you get the best compensation possible.

Your Actions After a Car Accident Can Greatly Impact Your Case

If you are an injured victim of a car accident on Orlando, Florida, you can increase or decrease the value of your case simply based on the way you interact with your medical providers.  Your medical records after an accident are among the most important evidence for your case.  These records can vary greatly based on how you engage with your doctors and other medical caregivers.  Seeking the help of an Orlando personal injury lawyer can help keep you on track and keep you informed along the way.




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Free Initial Case Evaluation for Automobile Accident and Personal Injury Cases in the Orlando, FL area.

At The Jaspon Firm, we never charge for a consultation for personal injury cases. As a matter of fact, we won’t charge you fees or costs unless we get a positive recovery in your case. We take all of our injury cases on a contingency basis. Therefore, it doesn’t cost you anything to hire us unless we are successful in getting a recovery for you in your case.

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