Florida Auto Accident Lawyer 

The Jaspon Firm is an Orlando based law firm that helps individuals and their families that have been injured in Florida accidents. During the summer months, families plan summer vacations and travel to our great state of Florida to enjoy its many summer attractions. It is very important that travelers be very careful during summer vacations. Preparations and safety are key to keeping your family safe during this high travel time of the year. Be smart.

  • Get enough sleep before you travel the roads.
  • Check your vehicle carefully before you leave and when you stop for fuel.
  • Pack your vehicle smart. Don’t block your view behind or in front of you.
  • Be mindful of your vehicles weight limits.
  • Take breaks while you are driving to ensure you are not overtired while behind the wheel.

If you are involved in an auto accident while visiting Florida, contact our office right away for legal help. We have a proven track record of successfully representing Florida auto accident victims. 

Florida Summer Travel Safety Tips


88% of Americans plan to take a summer vacation

  • Prepare for your road trip
  • Tune up your car – check brakes, tires, & fluids.
  • Pack safe and balance your load – keep a clear view of sight.
  • Check roof racks & roof bags – mind roof weight limits and vehicle heights.

Kids can be more distracting than smartphones

  • Ensure children are secured in car seats & use seat belts.
  • Pack an emergency kit, food, water, medications & a flashlight.
  • Be prepared. Pack snacks proper clothing, and entertainment for the kids. 


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