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Driving Tips During Hurricanes and Severe Weather

Severe weather makes driving very difficult and dangerous. During heavy storms and hurricanes that frequent the state of Florida, it is important to realize that driving an automobile may not be your best decision. However, it may not be avoidable. It is important to remember that driving in the strong or heavy wind and rain requires your undivided attention and you should reduce any distractions and pay attention to the task at hand – driving your vehicle safely.

severe weather driving tips

Driving in the heavy wind can be very dangerous. At first, you may feel safe in your car, truck, or SUV but the wind can be deceiving, quickly transforming a comfortable feeling to one of terror. A storm’s powerful wind gust can come from any direction without warning and can easily push your vehicle around. Areas of extra concern for heavy winds are overpasses, bridges, open roadways along fields or open parking lots or near tall buildings where there are large tall structures that can accelerate the wind’s speed and re-direct it towards the roadway. Another situation where winds can become tricky during heavy rain and stormy conditions is with drivers large trucks & SUV’s on the roadway. Below are a few are few tips that can help you traveling and driving during heavy rain and strong winds.

  1. Let someone know your destination and route before you leave.
  2. Ensure your car has plenty of gas and you have good tread on your tires.
  3. Make sure your windshield wipers are in proper working order.
  4. Always wear your seatbelt.
  5. Turn on your headlights and use your emergency flashers if you are traveling below the posted speed limit.
  6. Never operate a cellphone, GPS, or radio while driving. Give your full attention to driving.
  7. When approaching deep water stop and do not proceed. Entering deep water is unsafe and can easily wash your vehicle away. Turn around and be safe.
  8. Don’t follow other vehicles too closely. Allow plenty of distance.
  9. Use extra caution when passing other vehicles, especially trucks, as the wind, rain, and road spray makes visibility very difficult.
  10. Stay in your lane. Avoid crossing the double yellow line.
  11. Keep both hands on the wheel when passing other vehicles. This also helps to remain in control during unexpected heavy gusts of wind.
  12. Travel only at a safe speed to avoid your vehicle from hydroplaning.

It is important to remember that if you can avoid driving during a powerful storm you should wait. It is possible that unforeseen events may occur while attempting to drive which can make driving a bad decision. If you can wait it out, that is the safest thing to do.

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