Taking Pictures After A Car Accident

On the busy roadways in Orlando, Florida, car accidents occur every day.  An accident scene can be very chaotic place with the drivers, passengers, elderly, young, possible witnesses, emergency responders, pictures-of-accident-scenepolice, tow trucks …not to mention, injured victims. It’s a busy scene with many things happening. Each car accident is different and unique in its own way. It can be very hard to remember what to do following an accident.


Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

A cell phone camera can be one of the most valuable tools at your disposal following a car accident. Most everyone has a smartphone today and the ability to capture pictures of the accident scene many times can be very helpful later. Below are a few key picture tips to capture following an accident in Orlando Florida.

If you are able to do so safely and are physically capable:

Use the camera to take pictures of other involved parties information (capture driver’s license info, insurance card info, license plates, street signs, etc…)

Take pictures of any damage to vehicles (up close and from a distance at different view points)

Capture pictures of the accident scene (e.g. intersection near and far)

Take pictures of any personal property that is involved in the accident

This is usually a very confusing time. However, capturing pictures can be one of the best forms of evidence. Your pictures may provide you and your legal team key evidence later when you are dealing with insurance companies and possibly other legal parties. Pictures tell a thousand words and many times this evidence will help your car accident case.

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