Orlando Truck Accident Attorney


Truck accidents almost always involve serious injuries. A truck accident isn’t simply an auto accident involving bigger vehicles. Commercial trucks, construction trucks and tractor-trailers are very different and are controlled by extremely complex laws. The laws and regulations governing big trucks and commercial vehicles were put in place to protect innocent motorists from the many hazards posed by negligent truck drivers.


If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you need a legal team on your side that is experienced in handling truck related accident cases. At The Jaspon Firm we are experienced in Florida trucking accidents. We understand the technicalities that are essential investigating truck related accidents. Trucking companies many times are at fault and need to be held accountable for negligent actions.


Truck accidents generally involve serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, muscle and tissue damage, nerve damage, back and neck injuries and scarring and disfigurements to name just a few. These injuries almost always require specialized care and treatments, and many times including long term physical and psychological treatment. The pain and suffering that truck accident victims are often extreme and have high medical costs. At The Jaspon Firm, we are committed to helping accident victims and their families who have suffered catastrophic trucking accidents.


If you have questions about a trucking accident, you should contact our office for a free no obligation case consultation. We have achieved excellent results in for our clients let us help you.