Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents can be very complex accident and usually are extremely violent in nature.  Many factors come into play when rollover accidents occur such as driver’s actions and reactions, vehicles speed, roadway conditions, the vehicle its self and environmental factors.

Vehicles rollover in accidents, however different types of vehicles have a higher risk of rolling over in an accident than others. Higher vehicles such as sport utility vehicles (SUV’s), pickup trucks, cargo vans, and mini-vans all have higher centers of gravity and tend to make them more likely to overturn in accidents.

Road conditions and roadway locations have statistics that show rollover accidents occur more often. Almost ¾ fatal rollover accidents occur in rural areas with speed limits at 55 mph or higher. These roadways tend to not have barriers and are undivided.

The NHTSA statically data shows that 85% of all rollover fatalities are single vehicle crashes. This only hints heavily that driver behavior must play a significant role in rollover accidents. Some causes may be due to impairment, distracted driving, inattentiveness, and speeding.

It is clear, rollover accidents are devastating and the types of injuries change lives. If you would like to discuss your rollover accident case, please contact my office at The Jaspon Firm and ask to speak to me Jeremiah Jaspon. My firm provides no obligation consultations and it costs nothing to hire us to represent you. We get paid on a contingency basis. This means you don’t pay anything until we settle or win your case. Don’t hesitate, contact our office today! (407) 513-9515